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Planting Potted Roses

Friday, August 6, 2010
It is common for people that have received roses in pots as gifts to fall so in love with their roses that they may want to replant them in their own garden. Adding a rose bush to any garden can be the best choice that you ever made.
Planting potted roses doesn’t have to be a taxing experience. With the right knowledge given to you in simple step by step format can make the task a great deal of fun. Here are all of the steps that you will need in order to plant your potted roses.
• You should plant contained roses in the spring, after you are absolutely positive that there is no chance for a return of the frost. If you live in a warmer climate like Florida or California, you will want to plant in the early autumn, once the weather has cooled off a bit.
• You will want to choose roses that do not have any flowers on them because you are simply trying to establish your roses. You are not trying to make your roses flower just yet. If you have to, trim the flowers off of them before you plant them.
• You definitely want to choose the right environment for your roses. You will want to plant them in an area of the garden that is susceptible to a lot of light in the morning, (at least 6 hours worth) because early morning light helps to dry the dew off of the flowers, which will help prevent fungal diseases.
• If you want the transition of your roses from a pot to your garden to go smoothly, you will need to prepare your soil very well. You want your soil to be well drained for the health of your roses.
• Once you have prepared your soil, you will want to work several spadeful of compost into the planting hole after digging in a hole that is about two feet deep.
• Tap your rose from its original container and plant it. You will also want to position it so that the soil level of the rose matches the soil level of the surrounding soil.
• Lastly, you will want to dig a mote-like ring around the rose so that you can pool the water.

That’s all there is to planting potted roses. See that was not so difficult was it? As you probably noticed, it is a lot like planting your roses that were never potted, but of course with some slight differences. It can be a very rewarding thing, to plant your very own rose garden.


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